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The Mighty Wind

I was startled in my hotel room by an unusual noise that I didn’t recognize and so I crept to the...

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If you aren’t a Christian, you may have asked yourself, “Why should I be a Christian?” You may wo...


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It’s the drug that 90 per cent of the world uses, but is it harmless? Larisa Brass explores how your morning coffee impacts your health.



How to save a snake catcher

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Meet Les—the snake catcher who was caught by God.

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   Western Australia Adventurers



01 Getting Started

01 Why have an Adventurer Program

02 Philosophy of Adventurers

03 Adventurer curriculum overview

04 Adventurer Pledge & Law

05 Adventurer Club Uniform

06 Steps for successfully starting an Adventurer club

07 WAConference SafePlacePolicyV5_2

08 Factsheet5ChildrelatedworkandExemptions

09 WWCC Instructions Adventurer Volunteers


02 Administration

001 Leadership tasks and useful information

002 Letter to parents

003 Registration Pack

004 Reading Book Log Record Card

005 Program running sheet template

006 Class List


008 Expense Record

009 Fridge Magnet

010 Student attendance record

011 Adventurer club meeting calendar

012 Getting kids involved roster

013 Adventurer awards - 6-9 yo - available at ABC

014 Little Lamb Stars & Little Fish Diamonds - 4 & 5 yo - available at ABC

015 Adventurer Pledge and Law Song (words for Adventurer Pledge & Law Song) - PowerPoint

016 Track 1 Adventurers Song (Adventurers Pledge and Law Song) - sound track

017 Instructions Volunteers & Employees & the WWCC

018 WWCC Report Form

019 Adventurer Song - We are Adventurers (music only)

020 Adventurer Song - We are Adventurers (music with lyrics) 

021 Adventurer Song - We are Adventurers (lyrics only)


Click in any of the classes below to open a page with all the workbooks and teachers material you will need.  


  03 Little Lamb


  04 Little Fish 


    05 Busy Bee 


06 Sunbeans 


07 Builders


08 Helping Hands



 Click here to go to the SPD Adventurers Website and find all the Adventurers Awards