January the 13th to the 18th, 2016, saw the National ATSIM Camp, which was held at Watson Park Convention Centre, Brisbane, come and go with a blast. 

What a great time there was to be had in engaging in such activities as 

  • fellowshipping with old and newly met friends
  • listening daily to the messages shared by guest speakers,
  • fun and games (yes, there was a good amount of these for sure)
  • worshipping God in song, (including an in house concert on Saturday night) and prayer
  • a mystery tour for the older folks, a day at a theme park and a day at the beach for the younger, far more energetic campers, and
  • attending the baptism of six beautiful, young ladies plus the dedication of two gorgeous children
A number of people expressed their delight in the whole camp with such words as

     "This is the best ATSIM camp I've been to yet" and "Why do we have to wait for another      three years to the next one, can't we have one every year?"  and "I'm really enjoying the whole                                                         atmosphere of this camp".

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The national ATSIM leaders worked long and hard to help make this camp the best yet and reaped the wonderful result of their combined efforts.  Many thanks go out to those that did their best to make the camp a spiritually uplifting and good memory making experience for young and old alike.

People committed their lives to Christ during this camp and many
 others recommitted themselves to Him as well.  It surely was a high spiritual experience.

Mamarapha College was also featured and people signed up to study or to continue their studies as a result of the promotion of the College. They were impressed overall to not only further and strengt
hen their own relationship with Christ as they attend, but to be serious about sharing Him with their own community and beyond.


  Hope you can join us at the next ATSIM National Camp


             PLEASE NOTE: Karlar Bidjar Aboriginal Fellowship meet every Saturday (Sabbath) at Bassendean Senior Community Hall, 

50 Old Perth Rd Bassendean (One block from Bassendean train station) at 10am.