Children’s Ministries in Western Australia

Children’s Ministries in Western Australia exists to equip, empower and energize children’s ministry leaders so that they can expand the Kingdom of God. We believe that children are a crucially important part of our church, and with 71% of believers deciding to follow Jesus before the age of 14 (Barna), it’s an age group that cannot be overlooked. We are passionate about equipping communities of faith, families, schools and churches to embrace the importance of children and assist them on their discipleship journey.

Who We Are

Kyle Richardson

Children’s Ministries Director and Pastor

I am a husband to an amazing woman, a father of four boys/men, and have been working in pastoral leadership for over 12 years. I am passionate about giving young people a voice, ministering to their specific needs and helping them realize that God calls them to be His followers as well!! I believe the gospel is the greatest and most joy filled message that the Universe has ever known.

Sarah Barrett

Children’s, Families and Youth Ministries Secretary

Our fun-loving, high spirited assistant is passionate about the young people of this country. She is happily married to Dave, studying theology and loving her new found apartment life. Sarah is striving to make the conference and its resources more accessible and is excited to help drive the children’s ministries department forward so that we, the church, can truly impact our communities and bring people into saving relationships with Jesus. Empowering young people, spreading the Word, making connections and just loving people. This’s where it’s at!

Faith Shaper

Current statistics overwhelmingly reveal that young adolescents are leaving the church at increasing rates, so it’s important that we make children a priority. In an attempt to reduce these statistics in Western Australia, we’ve adopted ‘Faith Shaper’ – a framework designed to help churches, schools, families and individuals nurture children in their faith journey from 0 – 18 years. If you want to foster a child-friendly environment in your church, home or school, Faith Shaper might be exactly what you need to get started.

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Adventurers is a christian activity-based program run by Seventh-day Adventist Churches for children aged four to nine years old, designed to support parents/caregivers and provide Bible-based learning and new skills for children. Cubs are encouraged to establish their own identity through a uniform and flag, and there is a series of six aged-based classes in which children complete various activities to earn badges known as ‘stars’. Adventurers is open to everyone.

Resources & Training


As parents, you are the key spiritual leader in your child’s life and you have the greatest influence on their spiritual formation. The Spiritual Parent Coaching App is a free resource based on seven different elements of children’s lives that are necessary for their faith to grow. These seven elements are directly based on the ‘Faith Shaper’ resource, but it’s specifically targeted at parents and the ‘home’ aspect of spiritual development.

The app gives parents and grandparents of 0-14 year olds coaching questions around each faith-forming element to prompt them with practical steps they can implement at home.

The Western Australian Children’s Ministries Department have lots of resources for local churches, including vocation Bible school (VBS) kits, backdrops, props, and a library of children’s books.

Gracelink Sabbath School

The General Conference Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Department has prepared a curriculum of self-guided training courses to prepare children’s Sabbath School leaders.

Gracelink Sabbath School Lessons include Beginner, Kingergarten, Primary and PowerPoints booklets for various age levels, and are designed to teach children about the story of Jesus and the Bible.

For any further information on any of these resources, or if you would like to hire them, please contact us at

Children’s Ministries Events

Every year, the Children’s Ministries department hosts various events for children, and training events for parents, teachers and mentors.

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