Communication and Public Relations


We endeavour to harness the latest technologies and media trends to assit our Church to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ in the most relevant and effective way possible.

Currently we utilizing and developing the following Media Technologies and Platforms:

  • NetAdventist Web frames
  • Newswest Magazine in paper format
  • Newswest in IOS, Android and HTML formats
  • WA Conference App
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Facebook
  • AMN West Studio
  • AMN West mobile recording Van

Please CONTACT US if we can be of any assistance to help you set up your digital presence.

NetAdventist Web frames

This web frame is developed, maintained and supported by Adventist Media Network under the umbrella of the Sout Pacific Division and the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and are available to churches, groups and entities approved by the local Conference.

Some of the benefits includes:
  • Low cost as it is subsidized
  • Good technical support for local web masters
  • Integrated SDA widgets and plug-ins

Please GO HERE to apply for a website or CONTACT US to assist you with support.

Newswest Magazine in paper format

Newswest serves as a portal of much of the communication in the WA Conference.  Ten editions of 2000 copies each are distributed throughout the year to all our churches and groups in WA.  Newswest takes on a form of a reporting magazine filled with stories, testimonies, local news, adverts, upcoming events and seminars, children and youth activities and much more.

Newswest in IOS, Android and HTML formats

Newswest is also available in digital format as downloadable pdf file.

Please GO HERE to download the current or past issues.




Newswest in IOS, Android and HTML formats

We launched the Newswest App eginning of 2014 to make Newswest available on smartphones and tablets.  This is a great tool for our younger readers as it also includes all the features you need to share articles, stories or stories with your friends via social media.

WA Conference App

This is a one-stop place for your giving and supporting the mission and work of our Church as we find ourselves more and more in a digital currency culture. Making a donation or contributing towards the offering at Church is so easy and quick - GIVE IT A TRY!

Click on the links below to download the App:

On our App you will find
  • Link for PayPal and Credit Cards
  • Link to the WA and SPD E-Giving Sites
  • The local Offering Schedule for the year
  • Where and how your money is making a difference
This App also serves as the Platform during Easter Camp to
  • LiveStream the Big Tent meetings
  • Find MP3 recordings of the Big Tent, Jenisus, Youth and Teens
It also features
  • God-Stories
  • Hope TV
We would love if you share our App with your social media friends.


Most of our recordings are now on YouTube with such an easy way to watch and share!

On it you will find
  • Newswest Perspectives
  • News and Event Reports
  • God-Stories
  • Conference Reports
  • Last Empire Evangelistic Series
  • Easter Camp Recordings
Enjoy and please share this with your social media buddies!

Vimeo channel with all our productions

We store all our productions on our VIMEO CHANNEL.  Please visit the site to check out some of our recordings.

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This is our main social media platform to share upcoming events, media reports, interesting contributions and stories.

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AMN West Studio

2014 will see us moving into our new studio located at Advent Park.  This will offer us great opportunities to film and record a myriad of projects in a faster and more controlled environment.

We are always looking for
  • Inspiring stories (God's care, protection, blessings, healing, etc.)
  • Testimonies on various topics (faith, baptism, tithe, evangelism, service, etc.)
  • Interviews on issues (current events, doctrinal discussions, faith-learning experiences, etc.)
  • Sermons of all kinds
  • Serminars relevant to our communities
  • Talk shows with a live audience
  • Worship and music

AMN West mobile recording Van

We are set up to film events outside of our studio like rally's, training events, news items, projects, etc.

Please contact us if you'd like us to help you either film or broadcast a special event that may be of benefit to our wider WA Conference audience.

Please CONTACT US with your requests, proposals or if we can be of any assistance.