Easter Camp / BIG Camp

Is as part of the Seventh-day Adventist Church as the Church itself with spiritual camp meetings being held since the birth of our Church in 1863.  Historically this has always been a time of spiritual emphasis that has served as an inspiring and awakening to the presence and power of Jesus Christ and his Word in our world.  NOTHING HAS CHANGED in this for over 160 years now.

We now simply make use of the Easter Holiday period to get together as a Church and camp out to focus our attention on worshipping Jesus and learning from inspiring speakers around the world.  An estimate of 2500 people bring their tents and caravans, or hire a tent from our Camp Site and camp out at Advent Park, situated near the corner of Roe highway and Kalamunda Road in Maida Vale.

Big Tent Audio Downloads
1. Jim Ayer - Thu Evening - The Silence of God
2. Jim Ayer - Fri Morning - Abiding in a Forever Relationship
3. Jim Ayer - Fri Evening - Second Chance
4. Jim Ayer - Sabbath Morning - Behold the Man
5. Jim Ayer - Sunday Morning - Amazing Stories from around the World
7. Jim Ayer - Sunday Evening - How BIG is your God?
8. Jim Ayer - Monday Morning - Experiencing God
9. Jim Ayer - Monday Evening - What might have been

Parent's Survey for Children's Divisions

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Your feedback is important to us and it will help us plan next year’s event.