Emergency Management.


Across much of the country ADRA has also been given the responsibility to arrange short- to mid-term accommodation for people affected by disasters.


Under formal agreements with State Government Community Service departments.... ADRA... through a network of hundreds of trained volunteers, ensure evacuees, or those whose homes are destroyed or unsafe, are placed in safe and secure accommodation.


When called upon ADRA works in partnership with other agencies to provide a comprehensive range of services whenever, and wherever disaster strikes.


Within our own borders ADRA projects also serve an important role following disasters and emergencies.

ADRA's wide spread network of project across the country mean we have staff and volunteers ready to act should they be called upon.

Further, the services offered by our National Program are often called up following disasters due to the increased psychological and financial pressures that arise.

 Before disaster strikes - Disaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction

Disasters are a certainty.

While it is often a question of when or how, there is no question of if.

That is why, in addition to ADRA's work supporting and rebuilding lives following disasters, we work with governments, churches, organisations and communities to help them better prepare for, and reduce the risk of, disasters when they strike.

By analysing potential problems and current plans, ADRA staff help prepare others for basic and necessary interventions and help outline available networks with other institutions, organisations and individuals to provide cooperative assistance.