Bible Reading Plan

The Bible is full of amazing stories of great leaders and how they developed their leadership abilities. These men and women were not perfect, but they were willing to follow God's leading, and they influenced many people through their faith.

In this Bible reading plan for The Way:Leadership Development, we will be focus on the following key leadership books in the Bible:

  1. Exodus: The story of the greatest escapes in all of history and the leader who God called to achieve it.
  2. Joshua: How an understudy leader rose to become the person to bring God's people into the Promised Land.
  3. Nehemiah: The story of how a Jewish cupbearer rebuilt Jerusalem under difficult conditions.
  4. Luke: The life of Jesus, the greatest Leader who has ever lived.
  5. Acts: The amazing story of how the apostles and Paul launched a missionary movement that spread all around the Mediterranean. 
  6. 1 & 2 Timothy: Letters from an experience leader and mission to a younger leader in the church.
You will be reading through one of these in preparation for each cluster meeting.  Check the calendar for which book you need to be reading at the moment.


Some of the tools that you can use to assist you as you study these books in the Bible:

Interactive Blogs

God always intended that the Bible would be read in community (for example, see Colossians 4:16 and Revelation 1:3).  These interactive blogs will allow you to explore these books in greater depth and gain greater insight: