You will find that having the opportunity to be coached by an experienced leader and someone whom you respect will be one of the best ways to really develop as a leader.  Here are some aspects of the coaching for The Way:Leadership Development program which you will find useful:

Selecting Your Coach

Key qualities that you will be looking for in a coach include:

  1. Someone who is willing to invest a regular amount of time into listening to you and helping to facilitate your journey of self-discovery and development as a leader.
  2. Someone whom you respect and admire.
  3. Someone who has experience in the areas of leadership and ministry that you want to grow in.
  4. Someone who is able to be objective about the decisions that you are making.
  5. Someone who is willing to help you identify the best solutions rather than simply telling you what to do.

You can select a coach who does not live near you and have your coaching sessions over Skype.  However, it is easier if you can meet up with you coach in person.

You will need to select your coach by 31 July 2012, because the Leadership Department will be providing your coach with training in how to coach effectively.

Coaching Sessions

You will need to initiate regular coaching sessions with your coach.  During these sessions, you will spend time addressing the following aspects of leadership with your coach:

  • Checking in with your coach
  • Praying together for your leadership development
  • Working through the GROW coaching model together
  • Identifying key goals that you want to accomplish 
Once you have completed your 360 degree leadership assessment and your leadership development plan, your coaching sessions will start to focus more specifically on these.