360 Degree Leadership Assessment

One of the most valuable exercises that you will carry out during The Way:Leadership Development is to undertake a 360 degree leadership assessment.  This involves getting people all around you to assess your leadership style and strengths, including the leaders above you, your peers and those whom you are leading.

Student LPI Assessment Tool

The leadership assessment tool that you will be using is the Student Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) Assessment.  Based on more than 30 years of research, the Student Leadership Practices Inventory is the only 360º leadership measurement tool developed for students and young leaders. The Student LPI measures the frequency with which students engage in 30 distinct behaviors that are the foundation of The Five Practices of Exemplary Student Leadership™.

Commencing the Project

At the orientation on Sunday 11 August 2013, if you choose to enrol in the WAY:Leadership Development program we will commence the process by giving you an introduction to the Student LPI Assessment and setting up online Student Assessment projects for each of you.

Selecting Your Leadership "Observers"

In order to complete your Student LPI Assessment, you will need to select a number of "Observers", who are people who have observed your leadership in action and whom you want to get their feedback from. You can let them know that their feedback will be anonymous, but will provide you with excellent insight into your leadership style and strengths. It would be worthwhile to let them know when they will be able to do the online assessment for you and the deadlines when they need to complete the assessment.

Completion of Project

You will need to have completed the Student LPI project by the cluster meeting on 30 September 2013. Once you have completed the project, your assessment report will be available.