The Way:Leadership Development Program

You develop in your leadership as you rub shoulders and build relationships with other leaders.  Such leaders include:

  • Jesus Christ: The greatest Leader who has ever lived
  • Coach: An experienced leader whom you trust and who is willing to take the time to coach you in your leadership
  • Network: A network of like-minded young leaders whom you can journey with
  • Inspirational Leaders: People whose leadership journeys can really inspire you
  • Authors: People who have taken the time to write influential books on leadership

The Way:Leadership Development program brings all of these relationships into one training stream that allows you to flourish in your leadership.  It is a one year program that includes the following elements:

A. Bible Reading Program

You will have the opportunity to explore and reflect on the stories of the greatest leaders in the Bible, including Joshua, Nehemiah, Paul and, of course, Jesus Christ Himself.

B. Coaching Relationship

You can select your own coach, who will be provided coaching training.  Your coach will facilitate your growth as a leader and help you to be accountable in achieving your goals.

C. Leadership Cluster

You will join 6-12 other young leaders from around the WA Conference in this exciting journey of developing your leader.  There will be many opportunities to share ideas and identify good solutions.

D. Inspirational Leadership Presentations

Some of the best Adventist and Christian leaders in Western Australia and around Australia will lead you in dynamic, interactive presentations on key leadership aspects, such as vision, strategy, team leadership, conflict resolution, just to name a few.

E. Manageable Reading List

A list of six of the best and most practical Adventist and Christian books on leadership have been selected for you to read.  You will reflect on the lessons that you have learned with your leadership cluster.

For more information about The Way:Leadership Development program or to join the next cluster, contact:

Dr. Sven Östring
Director of Leadership Development
Email: SvenOstring [at]
Mobile: 0422 544 183