Life Renewal

Is a WA training event that runs every other year in order to train and equip disciples for ministry.  
Our next training event will run in 2015 with seminars and detials coming in due time.

It did not matter whether the twelve disciples were having great success in ministry or facing challenges that lead to depressive lows, Jesus would often call the twelve away from the crowds to give them special teaching (Luke 8:19-22,9:1-10,11:1, 21:37,38).

Jesus’ disciples then and now need time away to receive special training and blessing. Jesus used these times to revive their spirits, to resource them with ideas and methods and to then resend them out into their world. Life Renewal is intended to do the same for you this year.

Maybe you and your church need renewal. Maybe you would like to be revived, resourced and resent. What is offered at Life Renewal will strategically enable you and your church to renew the Adventist movement, create a significant life in you and your communities will be transformed. 


We are praying that the Holy Spirit will use Life Renewal to fulfill His big mission for us in WA.