List of tasks for Adventurer Leader   



- Ensure all club staff and parent helpers have a current Working with Children Check (talk to the Safety officer at the church or the Conference office for assistance)

-Photocopy letter to parents & distribute 3 weeks before first club meeting

-Prepare registration pack & distribute at least 3 weeks before first club meeting

-Send through an email to bulletin editor advertising the commencement of Adventure program and date and time of first meeting. (check with the bulletin editor when they require announcement – it’s a great idea to announce club meetings a week before to remind parents)

-Purchase plastic boxes for stationary (one per class). Check during year and update where necessary. Each box will need children’s scissors, pencils, coloured pencils, textas, sticky tape, glue sticks and a variety of stickers that the children can put in their books when they complete each page.

- Photocopy and laminate Fridge magnet one for each family that will be attending.


-Photocopy student activity books and teacher files

-Photocopy student attendance record sheets according to the colour of each class

  Dark Pink – Little Lamb - student activity books and teacher files

  Red – Little Fish - student activity books and teacher files

  Yellow – Busy Bees - student activity books and teacher files

  Orange – Sunbeams - student activity books and teacher files

  Green – Builders - student activity books and teacher files

  Blue – Helping Hands - student activity books and teacher files

 Reading club books

-Purchase reading books from ABC. One to read as a whole club and one book per class that will rotate to each club member throughout the year until everyone has read the book (or had it read to them by a parent). When the book has been read it is signed off by parent and returned.

-Ensure that each book has a reading club log stuck on the inside cover to record who has the book and provides a place for the parent to sign when it’s been read. Ensure that you keep a record of who has each book to remind people to read the book and pass it on.

-Keep a check at each meeting of who has books and change over. If Adventurer is away, it is best to ring them & get them to bring the book to church with them. If a book stays too long with one person, it jepardises others by not giving them enough time to read the book before Investiture.

-At the end of each year the reading books can be donated to your church library.


 -Inform the Children's Ministries Department when club numbers are stable.

 -Children’s Ministries Department will post out Camp Application Forms - you need to distribute to families.

 -Ensure all teachers/helpers have completed a Working with Children Check. This is essential and the Conference Office needs to have a record of your teachers/helpers and their Working with Children



Working with Children

Checks application forms are available from the most Australia Post outlets. To assist in the completion of the Working with Children application form refer to the instruction sheet for volunteers. To assist you to keep a record of your staff and their current Working With Children check details you will need to update your WWC report form yearly.


-Complete a program running sheet and email it to all teachers/helper one week before club meeting to ensure everyone knows what they are doing

-Contact the club members that have put their names on the roster for being involved in the program and remind them of their task and talk to them about their plans for the task. You can also speak with a parent and ask them to assist their child to prepare.

-Work out what elements will be covered for the Award that you have chosen to do as a whole club.

-allocate the task of reading the Reading club book to a teacher/helper


-Assign two teachers/helper to be on the registration table each club meeting to collect registration forms, club fees & record details on student attendance record sheet and list children on the Class lists at the first club meeting.

-Receive expense receipts from teachers/helper & keep detailed records on expense record (Excel).


-See Adventure Club Uniform overview in the Getting Started file.

-Collect uniform orders. Purchase from the ABC SHOP at the Conf Office & distribute.

-Sashes also available from the ABC shop.


-The Camp Application Forms come from the Children's Ministries Department. These need to be distributed to all families.

-Application/Permission sections need to be collected (with money) and the Children's Ministries Department need to be notified of number attending. 

-You can discuss with teachers/helper if you want to provide food for the kids if so, you will need to charge an additional fee to cover food costs.

-Tents can be borrowed from the Pathfinders, or suplyed by the families

-Numbers need to be worked out so enough adults are present.

-Adventurers need to be allocated to tents.

-Organise food & equipment (toaster, kettle etc) if you decide to provide food.


-A date needs to negotiated with the Worship Committee.

-Ensure all parents know the date of Investiture and what the children need to wear.

-All Adventurers have a requirement list in the front of their student activity book. These need to be signed off by club director and class teachers. The teachers should have been filling it in & signing it off as tasks have been completed.

-invite the District Director to visit your club and view the student activity books and sign off before the investiture.

-Ask teachers which awards their class has completed and how many children have completed the requirements. The Awards need to be approved by your District Director, who will order through the ABC. It is best to do this in September to ensure that they arrive well before investiture. You also need to order class pins.

-Discuss with Adventurers what is going to happen during Investiture and practice lining up and walking (marching) into church. Practice filing into seats and how they will come up the front to receive their Awards and be invested.

-Liaise with Worship coordinator & District Director about the program.

  Useful websites:

- South Pacific Division of the SDA Church, Adventurer materials

- Official site for Adventurers of the North American Division of SDA church


- Government site for information about the Working with Children Check