Prayer is talking to God like a friend.  Connection with the Almighty helps in every aspect of life.  Prayer Ministry in WA encourages prayer networks and chains, prayer meetings and walks, prayer retreats and vigils, Dial-a-prayer ministry (1902 22 77 29 and – anything that promotes the real spiritual connection between God and us. 

We encourage people to specifically on 3 days a week for the big issues:


  • Tuesdays – for the Holy Spirit to renew the Adventist movement in WA
  • Wednesdays – for God’s Spirit to direct His work in the Morobe and Mongolia Missions.
  • Thursdays – for God to open all hearts and minds of all the people in Yemen to the everlasting gospel


Prayer ministry has an active advisory and we will be happy to help you and your friends in developing your prayer and connection with God.