THRIVE: WA Training Conference

THRIVE: WA Training Conference

Welcome to THRIVE: WA Training Conference 2019

Carmel Adventist College; Glenisla Rd, Carmel, 6076

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Every Department of the Adventist Church in Western Australia has contributed to bring you a training weekend that will help revive your local church. We have a wide range of workshop topics delivered by some of the countries leading experts who are all passionate about sharing Christ with the world in everything we do. Have a look at the table below, there will be five workshop sessions over the weekend each with 11 available workshops to choose from. Registration will work on a first in best dressed basis with only 20 places in each workshop, most of the workshops will be repeated in multiple sessions to give everyone a chance to participate in their area of interest.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Conference Office if you are having issues or have questions.


 Meet Alina van Rensburg, our keynote speaker! Alina is Australia’s first Young Adults Director working from Brisbane, QLD, and an expert in all things growing young, growing together, and church revival. Married to her partner in life and ministry Martin van Rensburg, we are very excited to have them both here for our THRIVE weekend!


Registration Is Closed

Tickets Only $70 with a discount for people in the country who wish to attend

 Adventist Place Website Tutorial with Nathaniel Tan

Nat is the director for communications here in WA. Join his workshop to learn how to make full use of our Adventist Place platform for church websites and get your church online today with the latest updates, social media integration and podcasts for the world to listen to!

Church Planting: For Beginners and Those Already on the Way with Wayne Krause

Why do Adventists stress church planting? Am I someone who could plant a church and if so, what should my first steps be? I have planted a church and am facing some challenges – what should I do? Come along for the answers to these, and many more, important questions.
** This workshop is in two parts. If you register for the first part, you will automatically be added to the second.

Community and Capacity Mapping with Suzanna Cuplovic

Does your church want to reach out to your local community but don’t know how? Learn the three stages of Community and Capacity Mapping that are aimed at equipping your church in assessing the skills, qualifications and resources available to you. Learn to assess the needs and demographics of the local community. Your Church will then be able to use the information gathered to determine which Outreach activity would be most appropriate to run. As the Western Australian ADRA Director, Suzanna is happy to continue working with you and your church into the future.

Reaching Out: The Biblical Model with Suzanna Cuplovic

While all Christian’s are charged to love their neighbours and care for one another, the Deacon/Deaconess’ ministry provides an organised way to accomplish the benevolent work of Christ in the church, the community, and the world. Learn how to reach out through the Jesus’ ministry of caring, love, compassion and prayer.

 Creating High Performing Teams With Uili Mauga

Uili, the Youth Director here in WA, believes having a culture of appreciation builds healthy and high performing individuals who in turn become a great team. Join him in this workshop to learn how you can create a healthy culture in your team, or even create a new team, that will love working together and bring glory to God.

  Governing for Good: Tips and Tricks for Board Members with Lesleigh Bower

Board members have the ultimate responsibility for running our churches. They shape the vision and direction of the church, manage church finances, approve activities and oversee the volunteers who serve within the church. Being a board member can be challenging, but it can also be immensely rewarding. Good governance unleashes churches to do mission well. The purpose of this workshop is to provide existing and future board members with practical information to support them to carry out their role confidently, and in the best interests of their church community. We will touch on a number of topics, including the ACNC’s governance standards.

Demystifying Risk Assessments with Lesleigh Bower

Risk assessment is nothing more than a careful examination of what, in the course of our church activities, could cause harm to people. Church leaders are required to prepare risk assessments from time-to-time in order to have activities approved by their church board. Church board members review risk assessments, in order to mitigate the risk of harm being suffered by attendees activities run by their church. Many people feel daunted by the task of compiling and/or reviewing risk assessments, but the process need not be daunting or onerous! The aim of this workshop is to equip attendees with practical skills to prepare and evaluate risk assessments for local church activities.

 FaithShaper – Seven Essential Faith Experiences with Litiana Turner

Faithshaper looks at the seven esential faith experiences that will help you and your young people grow in their faith. Based on extensive Australian research, these tips can change your church and your children for eternity.

Gracelink – Children’s Sabbath School Training with Litiana Turner

Learn how and why the Gracelink program works so well. Come away with new ideas on how to grow your discipleship processes for children and their families.

 Discipleship Through Mentorship with Derek McCutcheon

Learn how to implement a very simple tool that has the power to transform your ability to mentor somebody to true discipleship.


 Exploiting Social Media for Jesus with Pauline La Cruz

Pauline is a social media influencer working for the AUC. Join her to understand and learn how to make full use of social media platforms to maximise what you are doing at your local church!

 Growing Young with Amy Turner

Across all denominations and all cultural groups worldwide, Churches are losing on average 50% of their young people. Based on ground breaking research, this workshop will help provide strategies any church can use to retain and engage their young people.

 How to Build a Culture of Generosity with Christina Hawkins

Attendees will get a quick overview of the worldwide Stewardship strategy of God First and some exciting ideas to implement that in the local church.   Share a case study of a local Adventist church in Australia that has turned around its financial health and generosity in the past 2 years – an outline of the strategies and initiatives they implemented and what they did.  Some of the tools include narrative budgeting, reporting, home visits, promotion of eGiving, Stewardship themes preached and Stewardship focus months in preaching plans.  It will be like a long shopping list of practical simple, no cost ideas that any church can implement. Most importantly generous churches reflect the values and attitudes of local leaders, we will unpack what the culture of leadership looks like that fosters generosity. Attendees will walk about with a kit of materials and resources to take with them including a USB stick packed full of tools.

Teaching Kids About Biblical Stewardship with Christina Hawkins

Ideas and resources for teaching kids about Biblical Stewardship and money specifically. Get lots of practical ideas that can used in Sabbath School, Pathfinders, Adventurers and Adventist homes.

 How to Build Faith in the Family with Leigh Rice

Join Leigh Rice, an expert in Worship and Prayer Ministries with an MA in Religion- Family Life, Master of Leadership & Management, and a Doctor of Ministry in Cross Cultural Leadership, in a workshop focused on practical tools and tips on how to develop faith in yourself and others.

Lessons From Jesus on Leadership with Leigh Rice

Learn what Jesus had to say about spirituality and integrity, vision and strategy, and multiplying leadership.

Leadership: Raising the Bar with the Generations Cluster of the WA Conference, Uili, Piroska, Kyle, Amy, and Sarah

Straightforward tips that will revolutionise your leadership and influence. These principles and ideas will alter how you live, think and interact with others, but more importantly it will help you develop into the leader God is calling you to be.

 Lessons from McDonalds ‘Value Adding Discipleship’ with Wayne Boehm

Have you ever asked yourself the question, why does my friend need to become a Seventh day Adventist?  What is it in this faith community that is essential for every friend in your contact list to experience.  Discover, share and discuss ways the Adventist faith brings joy and hope not only to your life but is essential for your friends to experience – value adding discipleship, not simply a strategy but a way of life.

Mission in a Digital World with Wayne Boehm

From letterbox cards and door knocking to Facebook posts, Instagram and Snapchat, how do you reach and engage with people in the digital world and engage them in the local Church?  Cut through the digital noise and discover ways to share HIS story in your digital space in a way that will advance the Kingdom of God.

Prayer Champions with Mike Robinson

Jesus made it clear His Father’s house would be a house of prayer. Learn how to develop a culture of prayer in your local church and tap into the power of heaven.

 Reaching Out – “with and to children” with Kyle Richardson

Explore the possibilities to connect with the children in your communities. And along the way, help your own young people discover what it means to be a disciple for Jesus.


 Sabbath School for Life with Nicu Dumbrava

Discover a new and exciting missional approach to a traditional experience! Sabbath School For Life empowers Sabbath School classes to grow together and engage in mission. It involves two key elements of growing in love for each other and God.

 Spiritual Disciplines for Leaders with Piroska Vranyakne-Feith

You cannot lead beyond who you are and where you are. Learn different methods and styles on how to go deeper with God.

Women in leadership with Piroska Vranyakne-Feith

Women lead differently from men. Learn the advantages, the disadvantages and how to use your strengths to make a major impact (while overcoming the weaknesses).

 The ‘I Am’ Series with Sven Ostring

Introducing I Am: Do you ever wish that you could introduce Jesus to your friends and colleagues? Would you like to share Jesus in a way that is relational and practical, yet is something that you can be proud of as a Seventh-day Adventist? The I Am series is a high quality video-based journey that you can share your faith in Jesus with your friends and colleagues. It has been specifically designed to reach university students and young professionals. We have also found that both Y10-12 students and older people relate well to it too. Learn some of the ways to get the best out of this evangelistic discipleship resource.

 Videoing Masterclass with Charmaine Patel

Charmaine is the media officer of the South Queensland Conference. She is one of the best in the business when it comes to video productions, from concept to the final cut. Join her as she gives a masterclass on how to take your videography to the next level!
** This workshop is in two parts. If you register for the first part, you will automatically be added to the second.

Worship with a WOW Factor with Miranda Leijser and Brad Flynn

The gathering together to worship God is one of the core reasons we exist as churches. In this workshop you will be equipped with ways of improving involvement, making more meaningful gatherings and helping people connect with the heart of God.

 Writing Masterclass with Jarrod Stackelroth

Jarrod is the editor of Adventist Record and loves to inspire people to write. Join his masterclass in writing as he explores the different methods and techniques of writing for social media, blogs, newsletters, newspapers and magazines. Take your writing to the next level with this workshop!
** This workshop is in two parts. If you register for the first part, you will automatically be added to the second.