What is Trust Services?

Adventist Wills is a service of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (Western Australian Conference) Ltd, provided to those who are associated with the Church. This service includes the preparation of a legal will that is checked by a practicing solicitor and is provided free of charge and without financial obligation.

Trust Services operates within Australia and New Zealand in order to enable the members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to have a Will prepared for them. The service has operated for over thirty years and is under the supervision of practicing lawyers. There are five directors who are ordained ministers and have received specialist training in the area of Wills and estate-planning and are regularly involved in professional development.

For legal reasons, the service provided is limited to “those associated with the church”. This is understood as referring to church members and others who attend church services. Wills are prepared free of charge and without financial obligation, but many members wish to benefit the church organization by means of a bequest. When this is the case, the Director can ensure that the Will is written specifically so that the bequest benefits the aspect of the Lord’s work as specified by the willmaker.

Guardianship of minor children often weighs heavily on younger parents and having Christian values reflected in their Will is important to them. Because it is a minister who is taking the instructions for their Will, they understand the sentiments of those parents and enable Christian principles to be enunciated in regard to guardianship.

Preparing Your Will

If you wish us to prepare your will please visit adventistwills.org.au. Once you have completed your profile, an email will be sent to our Trust Services Department alerting them to begin preparing your will. When the will has been completed and is ready for signing, they will be in contact with you.